High Jewellery 

Amanda Rozel  Jewellery Collection is for extraordinary beauty with bespoke designs and rarity emphasized a class of its own and with incomparable standards of excellence. It is especially designed for both gender preferences; to shape up the supreme elegance of feminism and for enhancing masculine energies. This collection is befitted and crafted to select for luxurious gifts.

Explore the Exquisite Ceylon Rings Collection

Discover the stunning beauty of Sri Lankan craftsmanship with our Ceylon Rings Collection. Our handcrafted jewellery pieces feature exquisite Ceylon sapphires, renowned for their rich colour and superior quality. Each ring is designed to capture the essence of the island’s vibrant culture, from intricate patterns inspired by traditional art to contemporary designs with a modern twist. Our collection includes a range of styles, from elegant solitaire rings to dazzling halo rings, all crafted with precision and care. Experience the elegance and allure of Sri Lankan jewellery with our Ceylon Rings Collection.