Founder And CEO


Ajith Jayasinghe who hailed from Kuliyapitiya studied at Kuliyapitiya Central Collage, an Economics and Social Science graduate of University of Kelaniya. He further holds a certificate in HR Improvement and management from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

During his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Science at University of Kelaniya he actively participated in faculty students’ external education work and extracurricular activities; was a member of Young Scholars’ Association for Research (YOSCAR) in 1994,95,96; and he was a founder member of Interfaculty Research Association and held the post of president of the same for three consecutive years mentioned above.

He was a member of Collage Association for Research and Principles (CARP). This association was established for representing the academic subjects:

It was affiliated with unification movement of South Korea. Ajith Jayasinghe was the president of CARP for South Asia in 1995 and represented the University of Kelaniya for CARP, held in South Korea in 1995. There he did certificate course in humanity studies at Sun Moon University, Asan, South Korea.

When he was in South Korea he was introduced to astrology and quantum Treatments by one of his good friends named Toyota. And there he was enthusiastic on the subjects and attracted to learn it formerly. Consequently, he learnt Astro physics and Palm reading from Japan, then acupuncture from South Korea while he was there for his university studies.

After completed his formal university education in Sri Lanka he started his own Business ventures including one at Colombo World Trade Centre; due to his sudden interest to become a pilot he did his Advance Levels in Maths stream in 2007 again in order to joined Sky Line Flying School, Rathmalana to learn flying. He got his flying license (PPL) in 2009. In his early days in Italy, he worked for French agricultural company as a pilot for air surveying of the agricultural lands.

Later he got an opportunity to get joined and worked in a research team of Cairo University for researching on extra-terrestrial influences and their invasions in Egyptian civilization. He got this opportunity when he studied on the galactic alignments, ancient “Wasthu” systems, ancient extra-terrestrial relationships…etc. at Greek institution called National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He further deepened his knowledge and studies in Italy and Germany while he worked there for about 10 years as a planning and implementation consultant at multinational company (HPL) Italy.

He came back to Sri Lanka in 2018 and started palm reading in order to initiate his experimental work on astrology, which are mentioned above: Palm reading and Horoscope reading, “Wasthu” analysis, Naming, “Ghana” and Numerology and Quantum Treatments with different communities in different areas like Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura Kurunegala, then in western province; Since then, he started to serve people with his gained spiritual ESP(Extra Sensory perception abilities ) and experimental knowledge and his developed knowledge on astrology related fields from overseas. So, he was able to get developed his spiritual community who got his service mainly through Palm reading, Horoscope reading, “Wasthu” analysis, Naming, “Ghana” & Numerology and Quantum Treatments. During Covid pandemic, he has been in Sri Lanka while continuing his formal planning profession working online for Italy. He went back to Italy in 2021 shortly, when countries are opened after covid. However, it has been almost five years, for his gradually developed service in disciplinaries of astrology and quantum physics, mentioned above without doing any publicity using social media or other advertising work. Now he has prosperous and progressed living examples who followed “Wasthu” and quantum treatments and got transformed their lives and became a part of his spiritual community linked with universal energy. Now he has started and established his venture on astrological services here in Sri Lanka formerly, while continuing his overseas career parallelly.